The Section for the disabled anglers was established during 2015. The Section started off by having social competitions for the disabled anglers at different venues in South Africa. The Section was specifically established for anglers whom have a physical or mental impairment of disability. Some of the anglers are being assisted by assistants/guides and others compete on their own accord if they are able to do so.

The angling Section for the disabled members is currently only focussing on the bank angling discipline. The anglers are thus competing against one another according to the SAFBAF Bank Angling rules. There are some unique changes in the rules which apply to this Section.

The participation in the Section is normally on a team basis which consists out of 5 anglers, manager/captain and assistants. The team structure for participation in the Regional Championships for the Disabled Anglers where there are 5 categories in which the angler gets placed based on the anglers classified disability. Anglers from different Regions compete once a year at the Championship against each other in their categories to try and win as much possible medals for their Region. The Region with the most medals-count gets crowned as the South African Regional winners. After the completion of the Championship SAFBAF A, SAFBAF B and SAFBAF Development teams are selected.

There are currently a few clubs which makes provision for the disabled anglers and these clubs are spread amongst some of the Regional member bodies of SAFBAF. There is also an angling club called Rainbow Angling Club which have social and development angling days every 3 months for new and existing anglers to enjoy.

The participation within the disabled section does not currently differentiate between juniors, ladies and seniors. The disabled angling section is currently too small to make provision for the smaller sub sections.

Persons with a disability, who are interested in getting actively involved in the sport or who would like to attend some of the competitions, are welcome to contact SAFBAF or the following coordinators:

  • Gauteng- Bianca Swart:061-828-6678
  • Gauteng North- Wilma McDonald: 072-264-0561
  • Central North West- Johan Straus:082-570-0094
  • Free State- Elize Robarts:084-205-5627
  • KwaZulu Natal- Kuban Naiker:079-595-7008
  • Mpumalanga- Robbie Breedt:076-266-4476 / Christo Steenkamp:062-145-7510
  • Northern Cape- Anta Der Korte:082-883-7384

Should you want to become a coordinator for your Region or help existing coordinators, you can contact Riaan Bornman (071-889-5230) or Wilma McDonald (072-264-0561) and we will put you in contact with the relevant persons.

The Disabled Section has hosted two Regional Championships and the next one will take place in October 2018, should you be interested.