SAFBAF Events Calendar

Championships Calendar

On a yearly basis, competitive angling takes place on different levels of participation.

The levels are:

  • Club
  • Province
  • National
  • International

The competitions on the different levels of participation differ in the sense that the participation on club level is individually and on the rest, it is team-based participation.

On Provincial level, there are league, area competitions and trials. When it comes to national level there are National Championships, Tournaments and Trials. With the participation in International level SAFBAF compete at International Tournaments against Namibia and Zimbabwe and then the participation is also at World Championships.

The participation on the different levels gets divided into two divisions:

  • Gender and age (Seniors, Ladies, Juniors and Masters).
  • Angling Disciplines (Bank Angling, Feeder Angling, Match Angling and Carp Angling).

On a yearly basis, a SAFBAF festival is held for participation by the Bank Angling Protea Teams, Federation Teams and Provincial Teams which participate on an invitational basis.