The SAFBAF Long Term Development Program is divided into three programs:

  • Long Term Coaches Development Program (LTCDP)
  • Long Term Anglers Development Program (LTADP)
  • Team management Development Program (TMDP)


This program consist out of three training course which are presented by SAFBAF. The training presented provide a designation to the anglers to act as coaches on the different participation levels. The training courses are:

  • Level 1 – Assistant Coach
  • Level 2 – Coach
  • Level 3 – Discipline Specific Coach


The angler development program will be focused on different levels of participation. Anglers will thus be trained for participation on Club level, Provincial level and National level.

The anglers can be trained on a personal, group or team basis. This will be determined by the level of participation or the individual skills development required.

Training programs are developed for Clubs, Provincial teams and National Teams. The programs will differ according to the required skills level for the participation level.


This program entails the training of team managers and team captains. These individuals will be participating in the Provincial and National level. These two training courses focus on the preparation of the Team Manager and Team Captain for the participation of the teams in Championships and Tournaments.